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E1ectric's Speed Grapher Tv Review

Speed Grapher

Rated: 9

Presentation was... well excellent. I like the style. They did not slow down action to attempt to make it more 'epic' (which usually backfires and makes it look stupid), a good balance of scene setup, and plot progression. Shots were set up with apparent and deliberate thought behind the them, and did not exude a rush job of 'any shot to fill screen time' mentality at all. The presentation helped the plot, and kept it exciting... for the most part (back to the lack of 'wow factor' issue). There was not too much humor, (I can't recall laughing once), however the serious style of the anime was exceptional to the point that adding humor might have ruined it.

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E1ectric's Gantz Tv Review


Rated: 6

Presentation... where to begin... too many flashbacks, especially towards the end. They would begin every episode with what happened in the last episode to the point that I would think that I accidentally chose an episode I had already seen. Certain scenes used way too many stalling methods, like flashing between two people staring at each other both saying "uh" with a stupid look on their faces or glaring at each other. I guess they did that in a feeble attempt to build suspense. It didn't really work, just pisses me off. Now that I'm done bashing all the things I didn't like about the presentation, overall it was decent.
There wasn't anything really funny in this anime, it's a more serious anime, so it's not a good choice if you're looking for laughs.

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